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Last Updated Dec. 30, 2016

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Our purpose in life here is to help you find the commercial property that best suits your needs - hopefully the commercial property of your dreams. We’re working on informational articles and links to help you identify the best path to accomplish just that, whether it be finding it yourself, or working with a real estate professional to help you or find it for you. Ultimately, you are highly likely to end up working with a real estate professional on your (buyer/lessee) side and on the “opposing” (seller/lessor) side. The real estate industry is fairly tightly regulated throughout the United States, and working through real estate professionals is the way they intend (really, this should read “require” since that’s the case except for very narrow circumstances) it to work. These regulatory bodies are fundamentally consumer protection-oriented, and are there to help you look out for your own interests.

Please do feel free to simply browse all of our Articles and Links using the link above. If you’d like to find resourses more relevant to your specific area, please use the “Localize” link. If you want to focus on the specific type of property you are looking for, please use the “CRE Type” link. If you know what you want, but decide you want help finding it, please click on the “Property Search” button in the banner below and we’ll get in touch as soon as practical to get the process started. As we move forward, we’ll be coming up with more ways to help you mine the material we’re pulling together for you, but for now this is your likely path. If you have other questions related real estate about which you would like to have other opinions, please also feel free to use our “Get Answers” link below. We do look forward to hearing from you!

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